DP_03_Framer Studio

for Layer in Layers #Do something to each of them

1 .myArray = [2, “item”, object] # in the brackets it includs numbers, object, phrase etc. in Javascript.

but in Framer, myArray = [layer1, layer2, layer3]

myArray = [layer1, layer2, layer3]

print(myArray[1]) #Output: layer2

#This myArray[] uses ‘the number’ to print



2. myObject = {} # it contains properties

myObject =

name: “Victor G”

species: “feline”

age: 10 # without {} is okay too.

print(myObject.age) #Output: 10

#This myOjbect uses ‘the name’ like a directory or phone book

in javascript and coffeescript, everything is object. that is why you’re already familiar with ‘2’.





layerArray = [layerArray]

for layer in layerArray

print(layer) #output: layer1, layer2, layer3


#for key, value of myObject,

myObject =

species: “feline”

age: 10

for key, value of myObject

print(key, value)  #output: species: feline, age:10


currentImage = layer.copy()   # Copy the current image



Layer.plcaeBehind()   #layer1.placeBefore(layer2)   #layer3.placeBehind(layer2)











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